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Hakkımızda Danışmanlık Fitnessturk Markalarımız Basında İletişim

FTIO is a consultancy, education and organization company established in 2003. It is the representative of Turkey of associations like AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America), ECA (Exercise Council on America), ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine), The Pilates Coach. FTIO, has been given consultancy services based on companies and privately since 2003 and/or it has been a part in the organization of those and is still taking part in this organization services. Some of those are Nestle Nesfit Cereals Turkey, Powerade, AFM Gym, Mars Athletic Club a variety of hotels and companies.
Within the scope of FTIO there is as an organization the Wellness Boutique (The Pilates Coach) pilates studios and performance camps for sportsmen and since 2008 it has within its scope Hidayet Türkoğlu’s Summer and Winter Sports Schools.

With the ‘Fitnessturk’ brand FTIO has created it has carried out a variety of organizations of education, has introduced lots of globally well known trainers in the field of the science of sports, and in the field of fitness, group exercise and pilates. It has played a leading role in the forwarding of the knowledge of these trainers to Turkish trainers. Since it has been established Turkey’s fitness sector gets all the developments in the world with the guidance of Fitnessturk.

May 2004 1. International Performance Sports & Health & Fitness Seminar
October 2004 1. International Health & Fitness Seminar
January 2005 2. International Health & Fitness Seminar
April 2005 1. International Soul & Fitness Seminar
May 2006 Fitness & Wellness Festival
October 2006 Fitness & Wellness Festival 2
April 2007 Fitness & Wellness Festival 3
October 2007 Fitness & Wellness Festival 4
February 2008 Fitness & Wellness Festival 5

2004-2010 AFAA International Fitness and Group Training Certificate Programs
2006-2010 Gymstick Trainer Certificate Programs
2005-2010 The Pilates Coach Matwork and Reformer Certificate Programs

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