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Hakkımızda Danışmanlık Fitnessturk Markalarımız Basında İletişim
FTIO has undersigned many big projects in its 7th year in the sector. FTIO is tracking the developments in the fitness sector via collaboration with international companies like IHRSA (International Health and Racquet Clubs Association) , ECA (Exercise Council on America), AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), Sales Makers International and contributes the world trends by taking place in the international organizations of all these companies.

If you consider to do an investment in the fitness and SPA sector FTIO would be a significant partner for you.

What can FTIO do for you?
FTIO can take your investment from the start on, design the first draft of your investment in the architectural sense and following this first draft; prepare the budget of your investment (constructional, equipments, etc.), 5 and 10 years operating budget (charts of the receipts and expenses and the budget of the employees), the charts of the cash flow. Thus you can reduce your risks via the charts that FTIO has professionally worked out by seeing beforehand the return of the investment that you are planning to do, the years when you are in debit, the situations when you will be in need of cash.

What else can FTIO offer you when you decide to make an investment?
When you decide for your investment FTIO will finalize the architectural and interior design plans of your final decision of your investment with experienced architects expert in their fields. Turns them in 3D. If demanded FTIO can actively take part with its teams in the constructional application of this investment. In addition FTIO is able to design the plans of substructure like heating-ventilating-air conditioning, water and electrical installations doing the design, drawings and if desired preparing the application plans considering the last trends in the world and with economical methods which have great effect on operational expenses.

How does the service of FTIO continue after this stage?
 FTIO while the constructional and architectural plans are being applied consults you for making the most correct, economical, appropriate and ergonomical choice of equipments. FTIO that has been working for many years with all fitness equipment brands that either have or don’t have a distributor in Turkey helps you to manage the budget of your investment correctly and to save in this field. It makes the designs of the placement of the chosen equipments and maıkes a 3D design of those.

How can I make use of FTIO during the construction phase?
FTIO manages the hiring of your labor force, that is your employees which is the most significant element of your facility. FTIO will set up the best teams known for its experience and recognition in the sector from its staff list prepared beforehand. It manages all the job adds, interviews and the hiring of the employees and the contract process as if it is the human resources department of your company and gets it resulted. When the stage of hiring the employees is completed FTIO provides all of your employees with the necessary training (see ‘our Services’).

You always do expenses at this periods of time. Income of money has to be provided as soon as possible. What can FTIO do about this?
During the hiring process of the staff FTIO gives the priority to the sales team. It forms your sales staff, carries out their training and by managing your sales staff even if you haven’t made the opening of your facility, FTIO starts the early membership sales period of your facility with the 3D designs that it has already prepared for you and thus it helps you to provide you with economically income as soon as possible.

How does FTIO help you with your corporate profile studies of your firm?
Via the department of communication within FTIO, it plans the entire written (logo, brochure, business card, the instruction signs within the facility, membership forms, membership contracts, operating manuals of the facility, memo forms, etc.) visual ( the design of your web site, the printed visuals within the facility, etc.) studies of your facility and effectuates it. Moreover it builds the membership tracking system you will be using in your facility (a software with which you will constantly be able to track the activity, payments etc. of your members) membership shifting systems and organizes those according your needs.

Do the services of FTIO continue after the facility has been opened?
If you wish FTIO consults you in business administration as well. That is, it builds up your entire internal operation system, carries out your promotions as if it is in charge of your facility. Builds up your studios and fitness programs. Tracks your budget. Manages your sales staff and the other teams. Protects your investment and helps you to increase your profit.

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